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Dali’s Melting Clock

Time will seem to just melt away. Or this clock, inspired by artist Salvador Dali’s most famous work, looks like it’s melting. In addition to telling time, the clock makes a perfect conversation piece for the art enthusiast.


via Amazon

It will seem like time is melting away with this abstract clock inspired by The Persistence of Memory, the masterwork of surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Art enthusiasts or geeks who just really like that neat poster will recognize the image of a silver pocket watch seemingly melting like a slice of warm cheese, ready to drool off the edge of a shelf or mantel or whatever surface you select to place the clock.

Is it real or is it a persistence of Memorex? The clock is a fully functional timekeeper with an easy to set quartz movement. It is about 6.75 inches long and doesn’t require any mounting hardware.

Just think of the conversations it will inspire. What exactly is the meaning of the melting timepiece? Is it Dali’s commentary on the futility of man’s constructs in the face of the first use of the atomic bomb on the people of Japan to end World War II? Or is it a remark on the interpretation of dreams, a la Sigmund Freud, of our perception of time and reality, of death and rebirth and sexual desire? Or is it a clock that’s made to look like it’s melting?

Regardless of your side of the argument on the value of realism versus the depth and meaning of the abstract, the clock will make sure you are on time for work. Or, conversely, it could be the basis for a great explanation for tardiness. It is what it is, after all, but rarely is it exactly what it seems. Or something.