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Chewbacca Hoodie

If you’ve always wanted to be mistaken for a Wookiee, now is your chance. Keep warm while displaying your loyalty to Chewbacca of Star Wars fame with this faux fur Chewbacca Hoodie.


via Amazon

This is the hoodie you’ve been searching for. Keep yourself warm and achieve stellar hero sidekick status with this Chewbacca Hoodie, which will turn you into a dead ringer for Han Solo’s fuzzy co-pilot from Star Wars.

The brown polyester faux fur jacket won’t add to your height, but it will help you fight the elements as though The Force was with you. The interior lining is a comforting polyester/cotton blend. The costume comes emblazoned with what looks like an armament chest scabbard, though the bowcaster is not included. The hood completes the look and serves as an excellent wind break.

Your friends and fellow Star Wars aficionados will envy you as you walk among them garbed as the “walking carpet,” as Han used to call his loyal friend. Practice your Wookiee grunts and prepare yourself to battle for all that is good and right in the universe. Let your furry countenance be a warning to all who would take your lunch money or try to push you around.

As threatening as the 7-foot 3-inch Chewbacca was, though, true Star Wars fans know he was loyal to a fault and really just a gentle giant with talents that belied his appearance. Just his presence was enough to steel the nerve of those around him. If there is something of the Wookiee in you, let the world know by wearing the Chewbacca Hoodie on your next outing to worlds beyond.

Live your Star Wars fantasies throughout the cold winter. Be warm and cool at the same time with the Chewbacca Hoodie.