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Chewbacca Backpack

Like Han Solo, make sure Chewy has your back with this Chewbacca Backpack inspired by the furry sidekick of Star Wars fame. Your friends will be broggled when you show up at school with your new buddy.


via Amazon

Don’t head off to school this year without Chewbacca at your back. The furry Chewbacca Backpack will be a favorite of Star Wars fans and will be sure to make them the hit of the playground.

The backpack is designed to look like the tall, hairy sidekick to hero Han Solo has switched sides to cover your back, literally. The pack makes it appear as though Chewy is hanging onto you shoulders as he totes your books and supplies within his belly in a zippered pouch, safe and secure from any Stormtroopers that may be lurking about.

The adjustable straps provide a comfortable ride for the lanky Chewbacca as he faces backward to watch over anyone coming from behind. The figure is armed with a weapon, and a bandolier is slung over his shoulder. Chewy’s head bobs as you walk, making him appear attentive and ready for action.

You may need a light saber to keep other fans of Star Wars away from taking a look at the remarkable likeness of the movie hero. With Chewy along, you can join the rebel cause and fly the Millennium Falcon on a mission to destroy Empire’s Death Star once again.

Remember, Chewbacca is above all loyal as well as a wise and powerful being, so your cellphone or iPad will be safe with him.

Be sure you are protected from the Dark Side whenever you have the Wookie on your side and on your back. And you can be sure the Force will always be with you, along with everything you’ll need for class.

By the Emperor’s black heart! Don’t delay in preparing yourself. It is your destiny.