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Butt Face Soap

Never be confused which soap to use where with these clearly labeled Butt Face Soap bars, which will keep all body parts spic and span while keeping the cleaners cleanly segregated.


via Amazon

If you are particular about your hygiene then you would never use rug shampoo to wash your hair. Why would you use the same soap bar for your face and your nether regions?

Keep the right bar clean and separated by body segments with this handy Butt Face Soap bar that comes cleanly labeled with the appropriate words so you’ll never be confused. The words “Butt” and “Face” are indelibly imprinted into the soap, so they may wear down with use, but they’ll never fade.

Your face performs a completely separate function than your butt. So why wash them with the same soap? The helpful manufacturers understand perfectly and have conveniently color coded the bars so there will be no danger of confusing the two, even if you have soap in your eyes.

If you share your soaps with someone else, be aware that some may revolt against labels and strike back by using the incorrect bar in the wrong place. Others may simply be tempted to pull a prank and reverse the two. So upon entering the shower, it is suggested that you thoroughly rinse the bars first before applying the Butt Face Soap to your own body.

Nevertheless, whichever bar you choose to use on whatever part, you’ll be sure to be squeaky clean all over. The Butt Face Soap also is handy for those unfamiliar with the concept of a full body shower by providing a label to describe which parts must be cleaned.

Don’t leave your hygiene to chance. Know what you are washing and what you are washing it with by using the Butt Face Soap bars. Recommended for daily use.