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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hungry? In a hurry? The fantastic Breakfast Sandwich Maker is perfect for you. Place all your favorite ingredients into the device and in minutes you have a fabulous breakfast sandwich ready at home. Save money, hassle and eat better.


via Amazon

How many people really have time in the morning for a decent breakfast? It’s always the same story – you are running late, you feel frazzled and then take time to stop at a fast food place to grab a breakfast sandwich that may be cold or end up down the front of your clothes. Now, with the fabulous, easy to use Breakfast Sandwich Maker, you can make the perfect breakfast sandwich in just minutes while you shower or get dressed and have it hot and ready to enjoy. This must-have device allows you to use the ingredients you prefer to create a custom, tasty breakfast sandwich without having to wait in line at some shop and then eat on the run. All you have to do is place a sliced piece of a bagel, muffin or some other type of bread into the bottom of the Breakfast Sandwich Maker and add the first layer of your favorite ham, bacon, cheese or anything else. Then crack a fresh egg and place it on the special non-stick egg plate in the unit and cover it with the other piece of bread. Close the lid and in 5 minutes or less, you can slide out the egg plate, open the lid and have a fantastic breakfast sandwich made from your own fresh ingredients at a fraction of the cost of a commercially prepared sandwich.

Now, instead of a frantic rush to work and having to eat who knows what as you drive or run down the street, you can have a fresh, custom made delicious breakfast sandwich in actually less time with the fantastic Breakfast Sandwich Maker.