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Bottle Opener Iphone Case

If there are two things in life that go perfectly together, it’s beer and electronics. Now their relationship is even better. With this case, you can not only protect your iPhone, but also open your beer. Genuis.


via Amazon

The iPhone has meant that you can access the internet, use apps, download documents, play games, take notes, make a movie, and do just about anything else wherever you are. It’s large enough to be useful, but small enough to still be portable. There’s no doubt that it’s a great technological advance, but it still has a few shortfalls, such as the fragility of the screen. In fact, shortly after the invention of the iPhone came the invention of a case for the iPhone. This became necessary very quickly, as it only takes one slip of the hands to realise just how fragile an unprotected iPhone can be.

iPhone cases are great. They’re available in a huge range of styles, colors, patterns and shapes – you can pretty much get anything you want. Despite this, an iPhone case is still just an iPhone case. Really, all it does is protect your iPhone. Is that honestly enough in today’s society? To survive in this cruel world you have to be multi-talented, and that applies to the iPhone case too. And now – it is! This iPhone case not only protects your iPhone from slippery hands dropping it on the floor, but it can also open your beer. Could you honestly ask for anything else?

Think of all those times you’ve sat down with your beer and your iPhone for a good old game of Angry Birds, only to realize you have to get up again to get a bottle opener. Well, never again! Now you can remain seated, stay comfortable, and open your beer wherever you are. Just like all the times you’ve sat down with your iPhone to watch YouTube, or to read news articles, or anything else you like to do with your iPhone. It’s all better with beer, and it’s all MUCH better with an open beer.