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Bluetooth Handset Gloves

When they tell you to talk to the hand, don’t take offense. Just use the Bluetooth Handset Gloves and take them at their word. The handset is embedded in warm gloves and wirelessly connects to your cell phone.


via Amazon

There are few hand signals that are universally recognized. There’s the single finger salute, the signing gesture to call for the check, and the symbolic hand swivel meaning “so-so.” And of course everyone recognizes the signal for “call me” – thumb to the ear and pinky to the mouth.

Now you can really call them digit-ally using the Bluetooth Handset Gloves. As the name suggests, these are a warm pair of gloves that have a Bluetooth telephone handset in the thumb and pinky of the left hand. Just hit the answer button on the glove, put your hand to your head, and talk away.

The knit gloves are woven with conductive fiber that enables the wearer to operate the touch screens of various smart phones including the Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Windowsphone. A speaker is embedded in the left thumb, with a microphone in the pinky for a setup that can be used at a range of 12 meters from the phone. The battery will allow 20 hours of conversation per charge or 10 days on stand-by and is charged through a micro-USB.

Be stylish and warm while you confuse people into thinking there’s something odd about you that you are talking into your hand. The gloves come in black and gray in men’s and women’s sizes medium, large, and x-large. The gloves are a polyacrylonitrile-cotton-polyester blend and dry cleaning is recommended.

So don’t be offended when someone tells you to talk to the hand. They could just be telling you you’ve got a phone call on your Bluetooth Handset Gloves.