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Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

You don’t have to be wandering the wilderness or adrift in a lifeboat to need the handy gadgets in the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit, compiled for your safety by the ultimate survivalist himself.


via Amazon

Now you need not worry about your ability to survive those times when you’re trapped by a cave-in or left wandering the wilderness after a mudslide takes out your house. You can even survive being stuck on the side of a dark road with a flat tire thanks to the handy gadgets included in the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival kit.

Be prepared for almost any eventuality, be it a natural disaster or a zombie invasion. This 15-piece survival kit comes fully stocked with the essentials, including a fire starter, snare wire, survival blanket, fishing and sewing kits, hand saw, a magnifying glass, LED light, and whistles. The miniature multi-tool by Gerber that is included can be used in a variety of ways. The waterproof bag holding the tools, meanwhile, has instructions for signaling for an air rescue.

Also included with the kit is Bear Grylls’ handbook, Priorities of Survival, which would make helpful reading while you wait to be rescued and to help you plan out your next survival step using the pouch’s contents.

The handy kit is small enough to keep packed in your car or boat, and you can rest easy knowing it’s in the hall closet or a kitchen cabinet. Given the headlines threatening the effects of climate change, no household should be without the basics included in the survival kit.

Bear Grylls knows survival. If the name isn’t familiar, he has starred in television’s Man vs. Wild and Worst Case Scenario, which had him facing the elements alone with little to help him. You’ll be far better off than he frequently was with the help of the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit.