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Batman Snuggie Blanket

Now you can keep warm and toasty in your own Batcave with this gray coverall Batman Snuggie Blanket that will make you look like you’re ready to fight evildoers even as you relax.


via Amazon

Pow! Bam! Biff! Take that you denizens of Gotham City. You’ll be ready for them all, or at least ready for bed, as you lounge in the warmth and comfort of your Batman Snuggie Blanket.

Bane, the Joker, the Penguin – it won’t matter which Batman movie you’re watching from your easy chair. You’ll still look ready for action as the Draped Crusader, swathed in 100 percent polyester snuggliness.

The gray robe comes with sleeves that will look like you are wearing the Batgloves. The full costume is outlined showing muscular legs encased in boots and taking a wide stance of defiance. A chest swollen with might and muscle is adorned with the bat symbol. The famous utility belt and the impression of a cape complete a look that is sure to strike fear in anyone ringing your doorbell during the movie’s climax.

The costume comes capable of wrapping any adult in a full 48 inches by 71 inches of soothing splendor. Though you’ll look like an action figure, you’ll have anything but action on your mind as you settle in for an evening of watching television, reading Action Comics, or chatting it up with a sidekick.

Let Batman give you the night off from crime fighting. Park the Batmobile and the Batbike. Relax and retreat to your own Batcave for some quality time with your Bat-recliner.

The Batman Snuggie Blanket comes equipped with arms that will allow free movement – should you feel like moving – so you can reach the remote without having to unwrap the warmth provided courtesy of The Northwest Company.