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Batman Knife

Engage your inner Caped Crusader while you get real life use out of this double-bladed Batman Knife. Two 3-inch stainless steel blades lock into place for a handy and sharp pocket tool.


via Amazon

There are pocket knives and then there are cool pocket knives that are double the fun and usefulness. The Batman Knife is in the latter category. Housed in a pocket sheath that has the inimitable Batman style that is easily recognized by any fan of the Cape Crusader are two knife blades that will lock into place on either end of the handle.

This is definitely not a toy. The two 3-inch stainless steel blades are sharp enough to handle the toughest jobs around the house, in the yard, or in the workshop. The blades have assisted open action and the liner lock will hold them tightly in place, exposing a total of six inches of blade.

The hilt has the familiar Batman logo and the full knife set, when open, takes on the look of a sleek, stylish Bat-weapon. The knife set features a pocket clip to keep it handy for use whenever the moment arrives.

Each blade can be extended and used individually in the manner of any, lesser, pocket knife. But with both knives extended, the pocket tool takes on the look and feel of a true Bat-friendly weapon capable of being used to help you battle the denizens of crime, or at least a double knot.

This is one knife that is not meant to be kept in your tool chest. This is a pocket knife you’ll want to put on display for all your friends to see and admire. Allowing them to borrow it is entirely up to you. Let the spirit of the Dark Knight live on your belt with the Batman Knife.