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Ball Maze Game

If you were enthralled by the Rubik’s Cube, take your love of solving puzzles to the spherical realm and find your way through the 3D labyrinth that is the Ball Maze Game.


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The Longleat Hedge Maze of the UK is known as the world’s longest at 1.69 miles. The Reignac-sur-Indre Maze in France is the world’s largest, covering 10 acres. What do they have in common? They’re flat, and you have to water them. Where’s the challenge in that?

It may not be the largest or longest labyrinth in the world. In fact you can hold it in your hand. But you’ll pump up the challenge compared to those other wimpy hedge mazes by trying to solve the puzzle of the 3D Ball Maze Game.

The challenge comes from its three dimensional design. A maze of over, under, and around tracks sits inside a clear plastic ball. Your assignment is to shift, twist, and flip the ball to guide a silver ball around obstacles and through the maze to the end and victory.

Don’t be fooled. It may look like a kid’s game with the multi-colored track. In fact, some kids will probably beat their adult opponents in a one-on-one match-up. But that frustration is part of the fun for enthusiasts who take the dare. If not, the ball’s shape lends it to easily be thrown against a wall.

The Ball Maze Game needs no batteries or assembly. There is no cleanup afterward. It comes ready to play. In addition to hours of entertainment, the ball promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Take your mind to a new dimension of entertainment and get off that level playing field. The Ball Maze Game will expand your horizons and force you to think in 3D or lose your mind trying.