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Freak out your family and annoy your friends while you let your inner sadist emerge using the subversive genius of the Annoy-a-tron. Sit back and watch as your victims are driven over the edge.


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Different people find different things annoying – an unguarded car alarm going off incessantly; a dripping water faucet; a barking dog. But no one is safe from the teeth grating annoyance of random beeps coming from an unknown or unseen source.

That’s the diabolically evil genius of the Annoy-a-tron. This miniature device is easily hidden and, once turned on, will make those random, high frequency beeps that will drive anyone to distraction as they try to track down the source of their disturbance. The sounds are loud enough to annoy, but random enough to make watching the victim’s attempt to locate the Annoy-a-tron an equally enjoyable part of the prank.

The gadget runs on a disc battery and is almost as slim. It is only about as long as two quarters side by side. Try finding that in a darkened bedroom or in an otherwise silent study hall.

People who admit to their despicable nature have reported driving their husband batty as he searched the bedroom for half the night until the prankster took pity. They have confounded neighbors and even drove their dog nuts by attaching it to his collar during their normal walk.

Interestingly enough, the sound did not raise much reaction from a teenaged daughter. And one user suggest the Annoy-a-tron should have a lower beep setting to ensure the annoyance factor is on high for those who are hard of hearing.

Think of the fun you can have and the subversive revenge you can take with this handy, but evil, device. The makers, however, take no responsibility for any retaliation that may occur as a result of its use.