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Anime Eyes Sleep Mask

Look animated even when you’re asleep with the Anime Eyes Sleep Mask, which blocks light and helps ensure a relaxing repose. The eyes definitely have it with this stylized sleep aid.


via Amazon

You can look like you just stepped out of your favorite Japanese animated feature even when you’re lying down and sound asleep. Amaze your friends or fool anyone trying to sneak up on you by looking wide-eyed and alert with the stylized Anime Eyes Sleep Mask.

Anime eyes, in case you’ve missed the past 50 years in animation, refers to the remarkably large and expressive eyes featured in most of the art form as created by Japanese animation studios, which in turn are reminiscent of the old Betty Boop cartoons of America’s past. The word “anime,” in fact, is an abbreviation of how animation is pronounced in Japanese.

The large blue anime eyes will remind you of your favorite character from classic Japanese animated features. Are you a fan of Ash Ketchum and Brock of the Pokemon television series? You could pass for the Pokemon master-in-training with this sleep mask, particularly if you add some bed-head hair to the look.

No matter where in the world you travel, no one will fail to recognize those anime eyes and where your devotion and loyalties lie. Get yourself noticed even in your sleep with the unmistakable look that has grown in popularity internationally.

You won’t be turning Japanese but you will get a good night’s sleep almost anywhere with the help of the mask’s light-blocking capabilities. The playful gift is perfect for the frequent flyer or anyone whose sleep partner likes to read in bed. Made with a cotton backing with an elastic band, the light-weight Anime Eyes Sleep Mask is the definition of cozy comfort.