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Android 4.0 MK802 Mini PC

They say that good things come in small packages. The makers of the Android 4.0 MK892 Mini PC must have been listening and produced this pocket-sized, fully functional computer. Just add keyboard and monitor.


via Amazon

Imagine you’re going through your pockets to look for that thing you are afraid you forgot. Keys? No. Lighter? No. Lozenge? Ew, no. Aha, there it is. My computer.

That’s right. The Android 4.0 MK802 Mini PC is a full-fledged computer that will fit in your pocket. Just plug a keyboard and monitor into the USB ports on the side and you have a computer capable of surfing the Web, playing online games, checking email, and other functions. It comes with 1 gigabyte of RAM, which can be augmented by an SD card with up to 32GB of memory. It has an Allwinner A10 1GHZ Cortex-A8 high speed processor, a 3D graphical processor, and is WiFi equipped.

The computer itself weighs under half a pound and can almost be outsized by a flash drive. Computer Geeks will love the portability, which means they never have to be without their computer. Gamers will be able to play whenever the mood strikes. And movies are only limited by the monitor or TV that is attached.

The low price belies the power available with the Android 4.0. Music lovers will enjoy the access and the sound that can be provided by plugging in a set of speakers. In fact, it might be said that the Android 4.0 MK802 Mini PC is to computers what the iPod is to a boom box.

So the next time you are at a computer nerd gathering, show off by whipping yours out of your pants. Just plug in the Android 4.0 MK802 Mini PC and go surfing.